Elegance, Strength & Grace

  • Prosperity

    Honeywines containing spices, cloves, or herbs, chamomile meadowsweet, lavender is called metheglin.

  • Perseverance

    St. George's Cathedral and Museaum is iconic. It has a collection of religious writing, recording the history of Ethiopians, and houses the Ethiopian Cross.

  • Strength

    Lion of Judah, Derg Monuments - Rich in cultural historical value, and representative of the pride of Ethiopian and the emperor. Make it a point to visit..

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Royal Vineyards

House of Selassie

Royal Vineyards of Nyahbinghi, the Bobo Ashanit,  and the Twelve Tribes of Judah.


Allergy Defense & Regiment Solution

Honeywines reduces the presence of histamine, to sooth allergies.

Honeywine can be an effective aperitif, or brandy to clear problems from allergies to asthma. Honeywines can be effective against a wide range of respiratory diseases..

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Nutrient Building Blocks

Immune Booster 

Intestinal floral supports immune system.

Enzyme & Digestion

Digestive routine

Healthy vitamins, minerals, and protein with enzymes that aid digestion..


Powerful Skin Soother

Amino acids and vitamins protect to aid in the rejuvenation of cells.

Natural Engergizer

Great Energizer

Carbohydrates, B vitamins and Protein keep the body engine going enhancing endurance, stamina and arrests fatigue.


Diplomatic Events

Made of Buckhorn, spices, cinnamon, and clovers


Honeywines® For All Occasions

Special Occasions & Festive Events

The Queen of Sheba Royal Vineyards

Tej from the house of Selassie

Tradition, Culture & Beauty


Make Her Your Bride

Cherish her presence beauty and essence.

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Eclectic Taste

Style in each instance of being chosen.

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Purpose to be served.

Fancied appropriation to historical tradition.  

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Täfäri (teferi)

One who is respected and feared.

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